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Silk Press - 4C Textured Straight Hair Extensions


Ships Same Day if ordered by 10AM Eastern Time!! 



Gone are the days of having to sacrifice the health   of your natural 4C afro textured hair all for the sake of a flawless blend with silky hair extensions that  really don't match your texture. 

Not too much & not too little.

Silk Press has just the right amount of texture.

Whether your transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Or that you prefer a sleek textured straight extension.

You can't go wrong with our Silk Press Extensions.

Relaxed + Flow. Our high performance hair quality gives you all of the texture that you love without having to sacrifice effortless movement and ease of flow!

Thick + Healthy.  Raw full cuticle hair is steamed to achieve this 

luscious texture yielding easily maintained extensions with the strength & vitality to last 5+ years.

100% cuticle hair! We know quality. Give it a try now, experience the difference!



Additional treats: 

  • Holds a curl for days
  • Maintains healthy luster after professionally color
  • Machine Weft
  • Sold in 3.5oz packs
  • 2 packs needed for full head (possibly more if ordering 18" and above)
  • Comes in the natural color 1b



See more of this hair in our Instagram highlights titled “micro-links” & “Silk Press“ 

Instagram: @glamourhouseofhair 





Ships Same Day if ordered by 10AM Eastern Time!! 


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