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Thee Silk Press - Seamless Clip Ins


You can (and do) do it all. And you deserve hair that’s as versatile as you are.

And that’s where our Thee Silk Press seamless clip-ins come in.


But let’s be real: You don’t have time to run to the salon every time you want to

 switch up your look. Plus, you’d rather pop up with a new ‘do at every function.

 than commit to a hairstyle for weeks or months.


These undetectable clip-ins look just like your hair (but better). They’re the perfect

way to add fullness, length, or color fast. Translation: You’ll look like you spent

hours in a celebrity stylist’s chair even though you spent minutes on your hair.


Thee Silk Press seamless clip-ins are the same high quality as our Thee Silk Press

 weft bundles. They lay flat like a tape-ins, but don’t require any glue or adhesive.


Remember what we said about these extensions being like your hair but better? We meant it.

Here are all the deets on Thee Silk Press seamless clip-ins:


 You can dye them, straighten them, curl them and wash them. And since the weft

 is coated with a silicon sealant, it won’t shed no matter how often you style it.


Suitable for all hair types (yes, fine hair too!)

Lightweight, seamless and undetectable

No expiration date with reasonable care

Can be heat styled up to 450° F


Natural color #1b

Can be professionally colored

Available in 16 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches

Sold in 100g packs and comes with 7 pieces



Listen: If you’re looking to real cute, real quick, you need Thee Silk Press seamless clip-ins.


Tap the button below to stock up on your new favorite extensions before someone else snatches them up.


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