Our Story

Live Your Best, Bougiest Life with the Highest Quality Hair on the Market  


Now, before I get into why Glamour House of Hair is the Chanel of all hair

boutiques, please allow me to reintroduce myself.


I’m Rochelle Jackson, founder, and I started this company 15+ years ago because I couldn’t find trustworthy extensions, wigs or closures that I could confidently rock without worrying about tangling, matting or dryness.

They tried to tell me that I couldn’t do it – build a 7-figure luxury hair e-commerce business that ups women’s confidence levels so high I need to put a warning sign on my bundles – that is, not pregnant with my third child, married and with no prior business knowledge.


Not in an oversaturated industry where the major players are foreign-owned. Not with a laughable amount of startup money.


They tried to tell me I was crazy for thinking I could create a high-end hair company with the most superior, long-lasting quality hair out there. But by the grace of God, I did it and founded Glamour House of Hair in 2006.

You see, Glamour House of Hair is more than just the most high-end extensions, and wigs you’ll find on the internet – it’s a movement.

As home of the original Blow Out extensions, Silk press extensions, and realistic kinky edge wigs, if there’s one thing we know how to do it’s provide high-performance hair that looks, moves and behaves just like your own.

I’ve made it my mission to give women the unshakeable confidence they need to step into the world and look like the bosses they are, and I’m not stopping any time soon.


You see, before I officially launched my site in 2008, I spent 2 years combing through and testing the highest-quality global suppliers, factories and hair sources to make God’s grand vision for me a tangible reality.


Thousands of women have relied on us for high- performance hair that allows them to show up as their most glamorous, confident selves.


We’re no ordinary hair company – it’s always been important to me to work closely within the manufacturing process of our pieces. To know the scientific structure of the hair and the start to finish process of creating the highest quality extensions and wigs.


We select every piece of hair so you can relish in flowy, full, beautiful locks that enhance your beauty from the grocery store to the red carpet.


Listen, I know you take your self-care and beauty seriously. You drape your body in the finest wears, ensure your nails and toes are always photo-ready, and the luxurious, soft, feminine life is all you know.


That’s why you deserve the high-quality, luxury hair products that only Glamour House of Hair can provide.

You’re a queen. Let Glamour House of Hair crown you so you can reign supreme each and every day. Browse our selection of hair including our new pre-styled, Glam-To-Go glue-less wigs.