Good Lighting

For the best results, ensure you film in a well-lit area. Daylight filming is recommend for cost effective options but feel free to use artificial lighting in needed.

Lighting Options

Daylight Filming

When filming with a smartphone in daylight, leverage natural light to your advantage. Position yourself or your subject facing the light source to avoid harsh shadows. Consider using a reflector to bounce light onto darker areas for balanced illumination. Additionally, utilizing a smartphone camera app with manual controls allows you to adjust exposure settings to optimize lighting conditions. Products like portable LED panel lights or diffusers can also enhance the quality of your daylight shots, providing supplementary light when needed without overpowering the natural ambiance.

Studio Lighting

For filming with studio lights using a smartphone, invest in adjustable LED light panels or softboxes to achieve professional-looking results. Position the lights strategically to illuminate your subject evenly and reduce harsh shadows. Experiment with different color temperatures to create the desired mood or ambiance. Smartphone-compatible light stands or mounts offer stability and flexibility in positioning your lighting setup. Moreover, using diffusion materials such as softboxes or umbrellas can help create soft, flattering light for portrait or product shots. Remember to adjust the intensity and distance of the lights according to your scene and desired outcome for optimal results.


Clear Backgrounds

As a hairstylist venturing into the realm of filming content, prioritizing your background can significantly enhance the quality and professionalism of your videos. Maintaining a clear and clutter-free space not only ensures that the focus remains on your styling expertise but also creates a visually appealing backdrop for your audience.

Your Space

Salon Space

Consider designating a specific area in your salon or workspace for filming, keeping it tidy and free from distractions. Utilize neutral or complementary colors for the background to accentuate your hairstyles without overpowering them.

Additionally, incorporating branded elements or props related to your salon's aesthetic can help reinforce your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Remember to check the lighting and framing of your shots to ensure that your background complements your styling work seamlessly.