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HAIR HACK ALERT! I’ve been in the hair business for a very long time, and one of the main questions we receive is, “How do I prevent shedding and make my hair last longer?” I’ve tested many methods and products that claim to help the hair reach its maximum longevity, but the hair hacks I’m about to share with you work THE BEST.

Whether you purchase a GHOH lace wig,  closure piece,  or weft extensions sealing your hair will give you more longevity and wear with your hair. For wigs and closures each strand of hair is hand-tied and secured by a knot on the underside of the hairpiece. Because this tiny knot holds each strand into place, the hair is very delicate—and can often shed. To ensure longevity beyond the normal wear and tear of your new style, begin sealing the individual knots with a product called Patricia Nimocks Acrylic Matte Sealer. This is indeed a hair hack ladies, and you are highly unlikely to find this product in your beauty supply store, because it’s actually an arts & craft product. So visit your local crafts store, Target or Wal-Mart and you’ll likely see this handy hair hack hidden within the crafts isle.

Make sure you get the matte version of this sealer, because you don’t want to add additional shine under your hair piece. Once you have the sealer in hand, spray it on the underside of your hair piece and you’ll create a coating around the knot that provides an extra layer of protection for the hair. This will make your tresses more durable and prevent them from sliding loose.

Also handle your closure or wig gently! I cannot stress this enough. I personally have rubbed so many holes in my pieces in the past by handling my pieces roughly. Scratching, pulling when styling, and glue, and the cleaning of the glue from the piece is very stessful on the delicate knots that are holding the strand to the lace/silk lace base.

For sealing your wefts (or bundles, you want to use a weft sealer (located at your beauty supply store, or google “weft sealer”). Remember that our top-quality hair is hand-sewn in place. Because the hair is literally being held together by a thread, it’s understandable that the hairs can easily slide out. Again, a weft sealer will help you maintain more of your tresses.

Apply the sealer prior to having your hair sewn in. Also, make sure you are getting your GHOH bundles sewn in by a stylist who does not sew through wefts. Many do not, however many still do. So ask your stylist, and if she/he says yes, they do—understand the installation method may actually be making your hair shed.

Lastly, understand that your hair will shed a little when it comes out of the package, because it’s freshly wefted.  Expect a little shedding on your first wash—that’s normal. (Check out my previous post about how to care for your new hair.)

3 Tips to Prevent Shedding

  1. Sealing
  2. Sewing around wefts
  3. Refrain from cutting your wefts during installation. Use the fold over method, instead.
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