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Get Luscious, Long-Lasting Locks with Our Filipino Wavy Hair



Bundles are a girl’s best friend. They offer versatile styling, added length, volume, protection and the ability to color your hair without worrying about irreversible damage.

The drawback? Most bundles only last 1-2 years tops – and that’s not always a guarantee.

But what if you could have the perfect hair extensions with no expiration date when properly taken care of?

Well, with our top-quality Filipino Wavy Hair, you can. 


What you'll experience:

  • Same day shipping when ordered by 12pm est.
  • An exquisite natural luster that visibly screams luxury. 
  • The ability to color the hair multiple times with no loss of shine or elasticity.
  • 100% natural cuticle hair that exceeds industry standards and blends with all hair types.
  • Straightens smooth as butter. 
  • Hold curls for an insane amount of days. 
  • Humidity resistant, no poofing.
  • Super strong wefts; you'll rarely ever see any shedding. 
  • Healthy, strong hair able to last with no expiration date.  
  • Super low maintenance,  no matting or excessive tangling ever. 


  • Sold individually. 
  • Each bundle is approximately 4oz. 
  • Measured when pulled straight from root to tip. 
  • Slightly coarse texture. 


If you’re tired of buying weaves that aren’t worth their weight in gold and are ready to invest in high-quality bundles that exceed your expectations and have an unlimited shelf life, our Filipino Wavy Hair is what you’re looking for.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jamie briggs
Buy it!!!

As a stylist of 25 years I’ve seen it all and I know quality. If you purchase you will not regret it. This is some the lowest maintenance hair I’ve ever purchased. My mom still had hers after 4 years.

rachel white
Love this hair

I’ve ordered multiple times from glamour house of hair. Hair will last years. Personally I’ve found that this hair likes to be shampooed and not conditioned. I wash once a week usually. Incredibly soft, never tangles. Very shiny, no shedding. Some days I don’t even brush it and still not tangled. People are shocked when I say I wear hair weave. I’ve also lightened with bleach. Picture I’m uploaded I lightened slightly with bleach 🙂

Patience is a Virtue

I love the presentation of this hair. I feel like it was washed and conditioned and ready to take over the world before I even touched it. When I opened the bag it smelled amazing. I truly fell in love. I bought 2 bundles of 24 inch. I have not done anything with the hair just yet because I wanted to purchase more hair just incase 2 was not enough. As it turns out this hair is in high demand and is always out of stock. So I am waiting for it to be available again. So I can be Full Glamour. Pro Tip get all you need the first time when it is in stock. .

Raissa Kiboko

Buy the hair ladies! Buy! I’ve had mine for over 5years and has washed it more than 100times, literally! No damage or anything & I have also colored it and reversed it back. As a hairstylist/wigmaker I see a lot of different types of raw hair & this is one I will always recommend. You don’t need the extra crap with this hair, less is more! Take care of it and you have hair that will last you manny installs. Great job GHOH

Rochelle Jackson
Def High Performance Hair

There is literally and I mean LITERALLY nothing wrong with this hair. My first batch I got maybe 2016? 2017? And it's fine the only time you will need to replace this hair is when you cut it! I have bleached it for blond, done hair color red, then turned around and dyed it back with no issues. -T.K. Garrett

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