The Founder


Ask Rochelle Jackson, 7-figure beauty entrepreneur and founder of Glamour House of Hair, what her superpower is and the answer is simple: manifesting everything she’s ever wanted so that she can serve her community unlike anyone ever has before.

Rochelle is on a mission to ensure that every woman’s crowning glory – her hair – is just an extension of their inner beauty. That’s why her wigs and extensions are unlike anything else on the market today – and her thousands of 5-star reviews prove it.

No hair is out of place inside Rochelle’s passion-driven business. From sourcing materials to construction and manufacturing, Rochelle has combed through every single detail to ensure her clients can confidently look like the flawless beauties they are.

Her brainchild, Glamour House of Hair, is a cut above the rest. What started as an e-bay business in 2006 quickly grew into a 7-figure e-commerce empire because of Rochelle’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Founding her business in 2006 at 27 without any formal business education and little start-up capital, Rochelle innovated the fledgling hair extension space to better serve women like herself. Her groundwork was instrumental in initiating the production of hair extension features that are all but standard today including custom densities, hairlines and textures.

As one of the first Black women to break through in the multi-billion dollar hair extension industry, Rochelle pioneered the era of Black-owned luxury hair brands. Now, she continues paving the way for a legion of up-and-coming beauty entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike by setting the standard for high-quality, realistic luxury hair extensions.

With Glamour House of Hair, Rochelle delivers expertly curated hair to enhance your confidence and level up your look.