The Founder


Rochelle Jackson is literally a girl who just decided to go for it. From humble beginnings this self-proclaimed underdog went against all odds to create, cultivate and witness the manifestation of her dreams.

With no prior business knowledge and laughable means to start one. Rochelle set out to build a brand, a brand that would be trusted and respected. A brand built on a foundation of integrity and of quality product.

Well on her way, and now with many other dreams to accomplish her journey has afforded her many pearls of wisdom to pass on:

“Believe in yourself, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem. Remind yourself that he didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Find the lesson in the situation, learn from it and be thankful for it. Gratitude is everything. The law of reciprocity is real. There will be some scrapes and bruises, trust the process of life & learning. You almost can‘t imagine where you’re going. Notice that I said almost, it can be so grand if you allow it. Everything began with a thought, turn the lights on. Kick down the walls in your mind. Allow yourself to see yourself as you’ve never imagined before. Then feel it, be it and everyday declare I am abundance. See you in the sky, as we fly”

– Rochelle