Content For Cash

Content for Cash Program 

For Hairstylists & Wig Makers Only


If you love our hair or have always wanted to try our hair. Now you can save a substantial amount of money off, while simultaneously profiting even more. 


How: The old “You scratch our back we’ll scratch yours” way. 


  • Create Styling, Demo, or Tutorial Videos of our hair in action easily using your phone or other device  (Camera quality must be clear) 


  • You get access to our amazing wholesale prices, really they’re great especially for the quality! Then use those deeply discounted prices to leverage your income by retailing the hair at your own price to your client/model. You can make $50.00 per bundle or more on most products. 


  • You also become an affiliate member which grants you a unique affiliate link and discount codes for customers of which you can choose to use or not use to earn additional money from anyone who purchases from us using your link or codes. We’d love for you to use the link & or codes to generate more money for both you & us but our main focus are the videos, so we leave that optional for you to decide based on your own ambitions. 



How you can benefit & make money.  

  1. Product re-sales to client/model. You buy wholesale & determine your own resell price to client/model. 
  2. No maximum or minimum amt of product required to purchase. (Our wholesale program normally requires a $149.99 initiation fee & 10 piece order minimum.) 
  3. Earn 3% on referral orders using links & codes. You’ll have access to your own dashboard that tracks your sales commissions & payouts. 
  4. Passive income from new leads generated from the collaborative posting & reposting of your work. 
  5. $50.00 cash each month to the winner of the most viewed video that we repost to our page (this will be determined by our pages insights) 


What do we want & get out of the deal: 

Marketing content ...CONTENT IS KING! And videos are the most viewed type of content. We want to show our hair in different settings & styles done by talented artists. We’ll use the videos that you create on our social pages & website as posts and paid advertisements. We want to increase our visibility, social engagement & ultimately our bottom line. 


Stipulations: What we’re expecting. 

Handle us with integrity & honesty. There is no minimum or maximum for the amount of items ordered required because we want to allow you the flexibility that you need in order to make your participation worth your while. With that in mind we also don’t want to put exact parameters on how many videos you post per month because it’s understood that it’s best for you to work on them at a pace conducive to you & you clients work & life schedule. But we do pretty much want each item that you purchase to be used in your videos. So if you purchase 2-3 bundles & a Closure/frontal we’d be looking for those items to be used in one unique video. Or maybe you purchase a frontal only, then we’d be looking to see for example a video of the before & after knot bleaching or hair coloring process. You have full creative control. We just want good quality content to share in exchange for the items purchased at the wholesale discount with no minimum. 


We’re offering you the opportunity to make money 3 ways from our hair at wholesale price no minimum in exchange for video content. Fair exchange right? 



 More Stipulations:

  • Each video submitted has to be a new style with new hair unless the same hair was used to create a demo/tutorial AND a “finished style on model” type of video. In that case using the same hair is ok.
  • Using the same model is ok.
  • WIGMAKERS model can be a mannequin as long as she is a clean non-styrofoam mannequin. Be creative, we also have presentation ideas. After enrollment..ask us about them!  
  • The model being the stylist is ok.
  • Models face being tastefully concealed is OK! The money shot is the hair!


  • Use provided hashtags in your video posts comment section. 
  • Tag & “At @ us” on each post. 

Posting on YouTube:

  • If posting to YouTube and your NOT using your affiliate link then list our website & instagram handle. 
  • If your using one of your unique discount codes only then list our website & your code. Your code is unique to you and will track your sales & commissions through the use of it. 


If we don’t receive a video within 30 days of product delivery we’ll assume that you no longer want to work with us & we will end our collaborative relationship. 


That’s it! That’s all! 


If this sounds like a WIN WIN for you... 

1. Please complete this affiliate form. 

2. Request our wholesale pricelist by emailing your request to

3. Let’s build!