Content Requirements

At Glamour House Pro, we understand the pivotal role that clear, high-quality content plays in engaging and retaining our audience. In an age where information overload is rampant, it's imperative that our content stands out amidst the noise, conveying our brand's message effectively while providing value to our customers.

Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting out, adhering to certain guidelines ensures that your submissions not only meet our standards but also resonate with our audience. Below, we outline the essential steps to submit high-quality content that aligns seamlessly with the Glamour House Pro ethos.

Additional Guidelines

No Text, Captions, or End Caps

When submitting your content, we prefer there not to be any text bubbles, captioning, or end caps. This ensures we're able to apply our own branding guidelines across all social content.

You're welcome to edit alternate versions for your own pages, but we recommend submitting lightly edited or raw files to our team.


Professional Attire

We recommend all pros appear professionally dressed in content they create. Smart or business casual is preferred along with solid colors. Recommended: Black, grey, or white.

Note: Please refrain from wearing items that can be seen as offensive or inappropriate.

Type of Content

We consider our brand pillars when deciding on content to produce. We value high quality products, luxury service, trending styles and overall self-confidence. Below are the content types we accept.

Maintain Status:

To maintain status, all professionals must submit at least 1 content piece every two months.


Consider batching 6 or more of the following content types to maintain status.

Styles We Love

The glamour house look is full, textured, and glamourous. Our audience enjoys styles that extenuate their natural beauty and gives them that wow factor. Showcasing your skills in relation to layering, color, and blend will go a long way in seeing results.

Here's what we recommend

Elements We Love:

- Voluminous Hair

- Layered Looks

- Undetectable Blends

- Seamless Lace Application

- Amazing Cuts

Elements We Can Do Without:

- Floor Length Looks

- Choppy Cuts

- Pastels and Bright Color

- Limp and Dry Hair

- Flat Curls

Content Examples
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