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You know that all textured hair is not created equally...

Textured to mimic hair of African descent that has been Blow dried straight from it’s natural kinky coily state resulting in the best blend with your natural non relaxed hair. Whether you want to wear it as is in it's blown out state or straighten a bit for a nice voluminous but sleeker look you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't think it's your natural hair. Perfect for naturals who want to achieve a straight style while applying little to no heat on their natural hair. 



We create Radiance by sourcing hair in optimal condition which is key to the manageability and longevity of wear that you'll experience. We take steps to ensure that the biological structure of the hair is kept in tact during the wefting and texture process of which yields hair that not only blends seamlessly with African American hair but is also:

  • Easy to manage.
  • High performing that move and flows as real hair should.
  • Will last 5+ years handled reasonably*
  • No excessive unreasonable tangling.
  • Absolutely no matting.
  • Perfect for micro links styes. Sew in weaves. Great for wigs. 



Radiance is the same texture as our Blow Out. We introduced Blow Out in 2010 and although Blow Out continues to be one of our best sellers, our customers love it; it's made from hair sourced in China. And though we constantly monitor our hair to ensure it's performing up to the high standards we've set for our customers to expect. As well as require the highest quality of hair be used in the production of Blow Out; the reality is that hair from China is not the absolute highest quality hair available in the hair extensions market. We are a high end hair company, and have been dedicated since inception to testing, staying knowledgable and abreast of all things high quality hair so naturally Radiance was born 2012. 

  • 3.5-4oz bundles
  • Natural color grown by donor (color cannot be guaranteed)
  • Can be colored
  • Can be straightened 

*Handled reasonably: Meaning caring for you extensions in the same manner deemed reasonable treatment of your own natural hair. Because well, that's what this hair is. Real, natural hair, kept in the optimal condition during the collection, texture & wefting process needed for the hair to continue to move and behave in the same manner that healthy natural hair is expected.


Made to order: Ships in approximately 3.5 weeks. Since this is essentially a custom made product please refrain from setting hair appointments until you receive your product.