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If juicy, soft, bouncy free flowing and easy to manage curls is what you like your going to fall in love with our Allure. We use only healthy natural hair in optimal condition to create these gorgeous ringlets that will last you wear after wear and wash after wash.


  • 3.5-4oz bundles
  • Natural color grown by donor (color cannot be guaranteed)
  • Can be colored
  • Can be straightened (note that you do run the chance of loosening the curl pattern over an indeterminable amount of time) 
  • Will last 5+ years handled reasonably*

*Handled reasonably: Meaning caring for you extensions in the same manner deemed reasonable treatment of your own natural hair. Because well, that's what this hair is. Real, natural hair, kept in the optimal condition during the collection, texture & wefting process needed for the hair to continue to move and behave in the same manner that healthy natural hair is expected.


Ships in approximately 3 weeks.